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What is Melody Scanner?

Melody Scanner is a cloudbased songbook, that you can fill on your own by importing music files.

Play your favorite songs on your intrument

Melody Scanner alows you to generate music sheets for every song on your instrument. You can define, which difficulty you want. So it works for both beginners and professionals.

Where does Melody Scanner get the songs from?

You can upgrade your songbook, by uploading a music file or import a music video from Youtube. The smart Melody Scanner algorithm does the job for you. In this time you can already tune your guitar 😉

You are not able to read music?

No problem, besides classical sheets you can display your song as tabs.

You want to personalize a Song?

Edit your music sheet on-thee-fly with our integrated editor.

To go

From home via browser or to go via smartphone and tablet, Melody Scanner allows you to access your personal songbook whenever you want.

How does Melody Scanner work?

Upload music files

Record a music piece with your smartphone or upload a mp3 files

Transcription of notes

Let our app analyse the pieve and extract the notes

Complete music sheet

As a result you get a ready-to-play music sheet or a tab to play along

Our Team

Melody Scanner is a young startup from Karlsruhe, Germany with a strong technological background!
We want to excite more people to play music create a new generation of musicians, by offering a tool to generate music sheets from any music piece. Our goal is to increase the passion on making music and simplify learning a new instrument.

Sebastian Murgul

Research and Development

Christian Saaler

Finance and Sales

Tamar Mirbach

QA and Support

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